Referrals Program

Here Is How You Can Save Money on Your Subscription Fee!

Our tiered Referrals Program is offered to subscribers who are happy with our service, willing to spread the word to others and are looking to be compensated for doing so.  We have aggressively structured it in a manner adding even more incentive to subscribers striving to achieve the highest level in the least amount of time.

  • Level 1 - One qualifying referral earns a 15% discount off your subscription price.
  • Level 2 - Two qualifying referrals earn a 30% discount off your subscription price.
  • Level 3 - Three qualifying referrals earn a 50% discount off your subscription price.
  • Level 4 - Four qualifying referrals earn a 100% FREE MEMBERSHIP to our service.

Terms and Conditions

  • All referrals must be submitted by name through the use of our contact pages in the customer or member sections of the website.
  • All referrals must be active subscribers for six weeks in order for the referring member to qualify for referral discounts.
  • Discounts are applicable to the referer's very next billing cycle after a qualifying referral has been active for six weeks.
  • Discounts are determined by the number of active, qualified referrals on your billing date.
  • Referral discounts are not transferrable.