1. What are options?

      In our application, an option is a contract to buy or sell an underlying asset, typically a stock or index, on a future date.  Since all contracts have an expiration date, its value decreases with each passing day.  Contracts for stocks are called stock options, and contracts for indexes are called index options.  These options can be bought and/or sold in varying combinations to fit a myriad of needs, achieving different goals.  They can also be used as a type of insurance on assets.  Most contracts don't meet the criteria to be exercised and expire worthless. Our strategy sells this "insurance" on a monthly basis.

      For an online, options trading, educational resource, please visit www.888options.com.

    2. What types of trades can I expect with your service?

      We sell options contracts to open positions that are structured in a manner to net a credit, which are known as credit spreads.   Our strategy focuses on the sale of multiple credit spreads, forming an Iron Condor position.  The value of these spreads decrease with each passing day.  When our profit goal is reached, we buy back these spreads at a lower price to lock in gains.   On occasion, we may also buy options if the right opportunity presents itself.

    3. How many trades do you make each month?

      We may have up to two open positions each month depending on market conditions so one will have to take into consideration how to best set account allocations.

    4. How/when do I get your trade alerts and updates?

      When we see an opportune entry point, we will simultaneously send trade signals via e-mail to all our subscribers and autotrade providers.  These trade alerts will outline detailed instructions on how to submit each trade.  All the latest messages and current/past trades will also be posted in our member's area.  The positions are held for up to 4 weeks, being closed out when they reach our profit goal or our stop loss trigger.

    5. I have very little experience trading options.  Would I be able to follow your trades?

      Most of our subscribers start off trading our service with very little to no experience at all.  The trade alerts we send out to our subscribers contain detailed and precise instructions so that our members are well informed and should have no problem entering and exiting from an instructional stand-point.

      Sample Iron Condor Trade

      Our orders are simple and straight-forward.  Below is just a sample of a typical Iron Condor order sent to all our members via e-mail.  The same order is sent simultaneously to brokers for autotraded accounts.

      We will be submitting the following opening day order(s):
      The following is an Iron Condor for the RUT.

      Buy RUT Jul 11 870 Call
      Sell RUT Jul 11 860 Call
      Sell RUT Jul 11 770 Put
      Buy RUT Jul 11 760 Put
      Sell/Credit Limit of $3.60
      Expires on Jul 15, 2011

    6. Do you provide any Options Trading Education For Subscribers?

      Yes we do!

      We have put together some valuable information to which our subscribers can refer as they trade alongside our service as either an autotrader or one trading an account manually.

      Our Mavens Trade School is straight forward and explained in the simplest of terms with the novice trader in mind. Start your lesson today!

    7. Do you provide FREE autotrading?

      Autotrade for free!

      Another viable option available for those unable to trade on their own for one reason or another is our FREE AUTOTRADE FEATURE! Please visit our Autotrade page for a list of participating brokers.  After opening an account and defining your allocation settings with your broker, they will send us the autotrade request.  After we verify that your subscription is active, your account will automatically trade when your broker receives our alerts.

      If you have any questions or need help with actually submitting a trade, it would be best to speak with someone at your brokerage firm. Each broker's trading platform is different and they would be able to assist you best.

    8. What type of brokerage account do I need?

      It is very important that you open an account with an options friendly broker that will allow credit spread trades.  They will understand our trading strategy and have better pricing.  Click on our Autotrade page if you do not already have trading account.

    9. How much should I invest?

      This is something that you need to figure out for yourself and depends on your goals and expectations.  Most of our subscribers have started out trading with $10,000 or $20,000.  However much you invest, be sure that you DO NOT invest everything you have into any one trade.

      It is of utmost importance that you keep some cash reserves aside for any adjustments we may need to make. It is recommended that you keep 50% of the total allocation amount in cash reserves to ensure that you have sufficient funds to use for trade adjustments.  Without cash reserves, you may not be able to buy back a losing position when needed.  The cash reserves are not required, but would be a prudent practice on the part of any trader to keep some capital ready for any opportunity that presents itself.

    10. Am I guaranteed to win on every trade?

      No.  There are NO GUARANTEES of success for any type of trade you make.  All trades come with a certain level of risk. Although losses will happen, our trade management experience ensures that we are always working to minimize losses and maximize profits with an emphasis on capital preservation at all times.

    11. How do I subscribe?

      Click the Subscribe button below to join our service on a month to month basis for only $209.00/mo!